Educational Premises – School Security Guards

European Security Services welcomed the British Government Home Office guidelines to keeping children safe in educational institutions. To support this, we have developed an initiative to help reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and gang related violence in these environments – by offering a school security guards service.

We understand many of the causes behind local community related youth crime and violence and we are passionate about making neighbourhoods safer; to learn, live, work and play.

We provide SIA licensed security operatives and safety guardians who are friendly, approachable and specially trained to stay informed of local community crime and anti-social behaviour concerns, whilst providing local residents with a resourceful point of contact for crime awareness information.

Our private security operatives are well trained to assist the police, school governors and parents with critical intelligence and advice on potential threats taking place in their neighbourhoods. So that police led investigations and proactive safety measures can be actioned immediately to ensure students remain safe whilst in school, through school security guards.

Our teams of school security guards can be deployed internally and externally at educational institutions to provide a visually overt crime reduction deterrent in partnership with all stakeholders. Benefits of using our services includes:

  • Pupils, students and teachers feel safe at school all the time.
  • Ensure teachers and pupils understand very clearly what unsafe situations are.
  • Assist schools in becoming highly aware of how to keep themselves and others safe.
  • 24hr monitored uniformed (High-Vis) and plain clothes guards to protect teachers and students from crime and violence at places of education.
  • Protect building and contents from criminal damage, fire, flood and waste.
  • 24hr CCTV Monitoring.
  • Low profile and high visibility patrols on and around the building perimeter
  • Home time anti-disorder, public safety patrols and escorting to ensure students leave the building surroundings safely.

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“We endeavour to eliminate opportunities for crime, violence and anti-social behaviour whilst creating safer and friendlier educational environments”