Management at European Security Services understands the importance of taking responsibility for our impact on society. We are constantly monitoring and improving our contribution to making our environment healthier, cleaner and safer for our staff, customers, and  local community.


  • Recruiting and retaining personnel’s of trust and integrity
  • Engaging with our clients and listening to them
  • Maximising the contribution, skills, performance and experience of our personnel’s

We believed that there is more to a job than just work and pay. Our policies include helping our personnel’s to achieve work-life balance and therefore stay happy, healthy and committed to long-term careers and partnerships.

Our Customer

We believe that it is only through dealing honestly with customers that we can earn their trust and loyalty. Our security personnel’s take pride in delivering first class customer focused management services.

We strive to offer a helpful experience through direct communication with our telephone operatives, through our website and electronic messaging services.

Our approach involves

  • Offering customers the best value, choice and service
  • Listening attentively to what customers want and needs
  • Making our management team accessible when our clients need support
  • In addition, we seek regular customer feedback, so that we can continuously improve our services.

By engaging with our customers and acting in their interests, we  create long-term sustainable and successful business partnerships. Sustainability has been a cornerstone of our business – right from the very beginning.

Today we continue to take a long-term view of build mutually beneficial relationships and acting in the interests of our society by creating safer environments.

When the company founder, Michael Andreou started the business over 30 years ago, he identified the key factors to maintaining good relations with his clients. And till this day, these principals have remained at the heart of ESS London throughout. Allowing the company to retain many of it’s clients over years.

Paper Recycling and Ink Cartridge Recycling

  • We have installed paper recycling bins where we dispose of any paper that has reached the end of its use
  • We recycle and reprint where possible on both sides of our paper where reports are for internal processing only
  • We encourage our suppliers and clients to communicate with us electronically in order to minimise paper usage
  • We recycle all our used ink cartridges where possible

We like to create safer environments

The Management team at ESS London define our corporate social responsibility as being willing to help others, environmentally conscious and socially tolerant.

With those guiding principles in mind, we have created a number of initiatives to promote to our local community, clients and staff:

  • Staff and client crime awareness and prevention training.
  • Identifying drug abuse and related violence.
  • Attend meetings with police and local licensing officers to discuss and implement crime and violence reduction strategies for our local communities.
  • Create safer licensed venues. Develop crime reduction strategies.
  • Ensure we have at least 2 fully qualified first aiders on site at all times.
  • Ensure all our security operatives have completed the Maybo award in Physical intervention.
  • Regular monitor our service delivery performance and the quality management system and routinely audit and survey our clients to ensure the delivery of our customer satisfaction standards is consistently achieved.
  • All complaints will be investigated and closed down within 5 days.
  • Maintain a quality of service compliant with ISO 9001:2000.
  • Detect 3 opportunities per year that will improve the quality of service provided.